had developped some
 softwares for:

- Specialized contractors
- General Contractors
- Sinister contractors
- Architects 
- Designers and construction purchaser  
- Association, corporation, federation 

Les Services Informatisés are consultants with more than 20 years experience as specialized estimators in the construction field.

Our expertise in this field has allowed us to innovate by developing software that is the answer to a shortage in computer services tailored to the needs of small and medium-size contractors.

In fact the existing software is generally too complicated, therefore poorly adapted to the contractors' specific needs, and is often price out of their reach.

Our goal is to fulfill the ever-growing needs of construction estimators. So we have designed, especially with you in mind, a computer tools that will allow you to prepare estimates in next to no time.


MySoft  -  L'Estimateur 2000  -  L'Estimateur Digital

last revision in date of  03/22/03